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Quote1 Nothing hurts me. And if something tries, I hurt it back. Hard. Quote2

Joanna Cargill is a nigh invulnerable mutant also known as Frenzy. Cargill ran away from home after accidentally killing her abusive father as a manifestation of her mutant powers.[7] Triggered by the trial of mutant supremacist Magneto, she rebelled against humanity and joined the deadly Apocalypse[8] adopting the alias of Frenzy in his ruthless Alliance of Evil.[9]

Cargill was eventually recruited to the Acolytes, faithful believers of Magneto's ideals who usually clashed with the X-Men.[1] As a loyal Acolyte, she became a Genoshan ambassador under Magneto's rule.[10] After the death of Genosha[11] and the decimation of the mutant population,[12] Frenzy rejoined the Acolytes as a radical approach to restore mutant numbers.[13] Eventually, she was inspired by the glory of being a hero in a divergent reality crafted by Legion,[14] and decided to join the X-Men.[15]

More recently, with the return of S.W.O.R.D. as a mutant organization linked to the nation of Krakoa, Frenzy acted as ambassador extraordinary for the Galactic Council.[3] As an agent of S.W.O.R.D., she has become a member of Abigail Brand's X-Men Red, a team especially envisioned to operate in the society of Arakko in the planet formerly known as Mars.[16]



Joanna Cargill was born to an abusive ex-soldier father who favored his son and always lashed out at her for any reason. When the news of her brother's death reached her father, he brutally beat her, causing her powers to activate. She tried to defend herself by punching him, only for her fist to go straight through his chest, killing him. Joanna was afraid of what she was and what she had done, so she ran away.[7]

Alliance of Evil[]

Joanna became a mercenary known as "Frenzy". During one mission, Frenzy came head-to-head with the mutant Gambit, and she developed a love-hate relationship with him.[1]

After Cargill witnessed Magneto chained and put on trial by humans, she became outraged and joined Apocalypse in the hopes of getting even with humanity.[8] Frenzy joined Apocalypse's other lackeys as the field leader of the Alliance of Evil. When one of her teammates, Tower, failed to capture the young pyrokinetic mutant Rusty Collins under Apocalypse's orders, Frenzy decided to do the assignment herself. By contacting and trying to recruit Collins, Frenzy attracted the attention of his protectors X-Factor, who in turn forced her to flee after being overwhelmed in a heated battle.[2]

In order to keep the Alliance under his ruthless command, Apocalypse made them dependant of an external source of power,[2] a mutant with boosting abilities called Michael Nowlan. The Alliance kept track of Nowlan's whereabouts, and Frenzy decided to kidnap his ex-wife in order to blackmail him into enhancing their powers. X-Factor, as a result of their misleading activities as mutant hunters, got involved in Nowlan's situation and attempted to rescue him, but were defeated by Frenzy and the Alliance of Evil.[17] As Nowlan's powers were not able to disrupt Frenzy's physical abilities in the way her teammates' energy-based abilities were, she was able to subdue him easily and hand him to Apocalypse. However, after X-Factor recovered, they led the battle to Apocalypse and the Alliance of Evil were defeated and sent to prison as their employer escaped.[18]

Following Apocalypse's public defeat, Frenzy led the Alliance of Evil by herself after they broke free from prison. The group publicly revolted against the Mutant Registration Act. The Alliance intentionally challenged X-Factor, but were once again defeated as they unexpected Beast's recent augmented powers. Frenzy and her associates were taken into custody by Freedom Force.[19]

The Alliance of Evil were presumably freed again and hired by A.I.M. to work with the mutants Harness and Piecemeal in a plot to revive the extremely powerful mutant Proteus. The group was hunted down by and fought Cable's X-Force.[20] Later, Frenzy was rescued and interrogated by Cable for information about her recent activities. As a desperate Frenzy finally caved and exposed A.I.M.'s involvement in the ordeal, she was thrown from a high flying jet back to the prison yard, under the assumption she would probably survive the fall.[21]


Frenzy was then given an invitation to join the S.S. Superia, a cruise ship owned by the villainess Superia. There, Frenzy served alongside the Femizons, a group of super-powered female criminals, and battled Captain America and Paladin. She also broke free from the Vault, a prison for super villains, and created a ruckus with the Avengers.[22]

Frenzy would later join forces with many of Captain America's villains and fight him.[23]


Frenzy eventually found acceptance under Magneto's teachings, but it was after he was believed deceased. She joined the ranks of the second incarnation of the Acolytes and participated in several missions, relinquishing the codename Frenzy and preferring to be called by her last name, Cargill. Their first mission was to kidnap a mutant child from a school called "Our Mother of the Sacred Heart." Cargill killed Sharon Friedlander, and with her teammates, Unuscione and the Kleinstock Brothers, battled the gold X-Men team. Cargill immediately chased after Gambit, but was knocked out when Gambit hit her with a charged tire.[1]

She retreated, but during their next encounter with the X-Men, she battled Iceman. Although they had both changed from the X-Factor days, Cargill pummeled him until he gained enough power to defeat her with his new ice form.[24]

Cargill would later join the Acolytes during an attack on a hospice center under Fabian Cortez's orders.[25] Exodus soon introduced himself to the Acolytes and told them of Fabian Cortez's betrayal of Magneto. When Cargill and the Acolytes heard this, they abandoned Cortez and joined Magneto in his mutant sanctuary on Avalon.[26]

When the X-Men went to attack Magneto on Avalon, they forcibly teleported all of the Acolytes away. After Magneto nearly killed Wolverine, Charles Xavier wiped Magneto's mind clean, and Exodus assumed leadership of the Acolytes. Cargill remained on Avalon, believing Exodus could converse with the mindless Magneto.[27] Cargill and the Acolytes later fought Cable as well.[28]

While on a mission to recruit mutants into their cause, Cargill, along with Milan and Unuscione, found the young, meek boy Neophyte.[29] After Neophyte betrayed the Acolytes,[24] Cargill was quick to vote guilty at his trial.[29] During the Fall of Avalon, Cargill allied herself with long-time enemy Cyclops, and she and her fellow Acolytes were able to escape the destroyed space station in time.[30] They crash-landed in Australia and surrendered to the authorities.

The Acolytes escaped prison and found the remains of Avalon, worshiping it and the return of Magneto.[31] Exodus eventually reclaimed leadership of the Acolytes, and Cargill participated in the attack on Mount Wundagore, the High Evolutionary's base of operations.[32] During the Magneto War, Cargill fought the X-Men yet again with the Acolytes.[33][34][35]

Ambassador Cargill[]

When the Acolytes split up into divergent factions -- one led by Magneto and the other by Cortez --, Cargill was recruited to serve the master of magnetism as he threatened the world one more time. Initially opposed by the X-Men, Magneto and the Acolytes managed to politically influence the UN into offering the control of the island nation of Genosha to pacify the situation.[36] Cargill loyally stood by Magneto, as he solved the inner conflicts in Genosha by consolidating his power in defeating Cortez.[37][38]

As an ambassador for Genosha, Cargill served as Magneto's right hand woman. Following the end of the Legacy Virus epidemy, the Genoshan forces were strong enough to represent a threat to the international human community. At the UN General Assembly, Ambassador Cargill expressed that every country should pledge loyalty to Magneto in order to be given some autonomy.[10] As a result Cargill was captured by the US government to be interrogated in the Pentagon, Washington, D.C., about Magneto's plans, but refused to speak as a faithful believer of his cause.[39]

The interrogation was cut short, as Jean Grey used her telepathic powers to free Cargill. Grey offered her the option of joining the X-Men to oppose Magneto the easy way or the hard way. As Cargill would not turn against her savior, Grey used her powers to mind-control her into helping them. As a member of the X-Men, Cargill's personality was altered into a campy, awkward woman, far different from her confident, headstrong nature.[39] Cargill's knowledge of Genosha proved to be crucial to the X-Men find Magneto's base.[40][41] The inexperienced X-Men attacked but were quickly defeated. Cargill was used against her will to battle Magneto, but was ultimately constrained with a metal pillar. After Magneto's defeat, Cargill was freed from her mind-control, and immediately left the X-Mansion.[42]


Off the radar for a while, Cargill was one of the few powered mutants following M-Day.[43] When Exodus returned from his interdimensional banishment, he was horrified with mutantkind's dangerously low numbers. Reforming the Acolytes, Exodus recruited Cargill, who once again adopted the name Frenzy to fight for his causes. In their first mission, the Acolytes invaded a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, in order to use Cable's knowledge to build a Cerebro able to locate mutants who were not active yet. This led the Acolytes to clash with the X-Men. Alongside her teammate Tempo, Frenzy easily knocked Rogue out. However, Mystique, with the assistance of Northstar and Aurora, kicked the invulnerable Cargill out of flying ship. When Exodus realized there were no latent mutants left at all, the Acolytes abandoned their plan in desolation.[13]

The desperate Acolytes were left with no choice but to join Mister Sinister and his Marauders, who had information about the future birth of the first mutant after M-Day.[13] The Marauders' main mission consisted of eliminating clairvoyants, time travellers and people with direct knowledge about the future who could influence the fate of the stillborn mutant. The Acolytes were sent to the Xavier Institute to put Blindfold down and collect Destiny's Diaries. They met opposition in Kitty Pryde, Colossus, the New X-Men and O*N*E*, with the violent Frenzy being unexpectedly subdued by X-23. Failing in their operation, the Acolytes left.[44]

When the predicted mutant birth took place, the Marauders went to war to get hold of baby.[45] They fought the X-Men in multiple occasions, but the newborn mutant ultimately left with Cable to the future, not before Charles Xavier was mortally wounded.[46][47] Exodus quickly decided to bring Charles Xavier's body to the New Avalon base using Tempo's powers, and the Acolytes furtively abandoned the battle zone. Exodus planned repair Xavier's mind, a plan which Frenzy opposed.[48] As a powerless Magneto and the Omega Sentinel assisted in the process, Frenzy intervened claiming that the presence of the unworthy Xavier, the human Magneto, and a former mutant-killing machine was blasphemous. As she tried to kill them, her plans were thwarted by Magneto, who shot a surgical laser into her eye, blinding her and damaging parts of her brain.[49] Exodus kept her alive, but refused to restore her as punishment for her insolence. However, Professor X eventually returned to New Avalon and fixed Frenzy's mind. Xavier also let the Acolytes to disband, and Frenzy chose to walk her own path.[50]

After the downfall of the Acolytes, Frenzy went to San Francisco to riot against Simon Trask's anti-mutant Proposition X, teaming up with Nekra and Bling!. She was incapacitated by Ms. Marvel of Norman Osborn's Avengers,[51] but managed to get her revenge later on Utopia, the X-Men's new headquarters.[52] On Utopia, she also resisted the attack of Nimrods from the future during the return of the first mutant after M-Day.[53] After the battle, Frenzy and Nekra publicly attacked an artist in San Francisco, deeming his work as misogynistic and claiming he was assaulting his models. They were taken out by Dazzler and Northstar.[54]

Age of X[]

Joanna Cargill (Earth-616) from X-Men Legacy Vol 1 249 page 05

Determined to be a hero

When one of Legion's rogue personalities warped reality, the inhabitants of Utopia were reborn in a new world. In this reality, mutants lived in Fortress X and endlessly protected their territory from human invasion. Frenzy was a respected hero, a member of Tempo Cadre and wife to Basilisk, Cyclops' reshaped self. In this new environment, Frenzy witnessed the tragic death of her teammate Tempo.[55] With Basilisk, Frenzy discussed flaws in Legion's illusory world.[56] As others saw through the ruse, Frezy joined Basilisk in his rebellion and reality was restored to its proper state.[57] Frenzy was left in deep conflict about her parallel life, discussing the matters with her former lover Cyclops and her former teammate Gambit. Refused to have her memory wiped like most Utopians, she took up the look of her alternate reality counterpart and joined the X-Men, hoping to become a hero, like she used to be in Fortress X.[58]

Alongside Magneto, Rogue, Gambit, Professor Xavier, and Legion, Frenzy went on her first mission as an X-Man, helping track down several of Legion's rogue personalities that had escaped his mind. Xavier initially opposed to work with Frenzy due to her past violent behavior, but was convinced to give her an opportunity.[59] Frenzy and Gambit, struggling for being amorously rejected by Cyclops and Rogue respectively, were easily affected by one of Legion's personality, finding in each other comfort in a casual romantic interaction.[8] Frenzy and the X-Men ultimately recaptured Legion's personality after defeating the evil Styx. As a result, Rogue was able to use Legion's power to travel to distant space in order to rescue some of the X-Men who had joined the Starjammers.[60] Frenzy and the X-Men helped the Starjammers to defend the Shi'ar from the Grad Nan Holts, who were under the control of the villainous Friendless. After this, they managed to return to Utopia[61] where they retrieved Ariel from a pocket reality.[62]

Jean Grey School[]

Back to Earth, Frenzy soon had to choose a side in the X-Men schism between Cyclops and Wolverine. While Cyclops kept running his militia on Utopia, Wolverine inaugurated the Jean Grey School in Westchester.[63] Deciding not to fall back into old habits and wishing for new experiences, Frenzy joined the Jean Grey School staff,[64] where she taught hand-to-hand combat and gym.[65] At Westchester, Frenzy fought against the N'Garai, trying to keep the school environment unaffected by external attacks. In Gambit, she eventually found a dear friend and, recollecting their former relationship, the pair briefly rekindled their romance with a one-time kiss.[66]

Contrarian to the mutant schism, Exodus arrived at the school to force its residents to return to Utopia. As a fight started, he tried to revert Frenzy's personality, but was stopped by Rogue and left to Utopia.[67] Cargill was then part of the team trying to stop Exodus from executing Cyclops, the one who caused the mutants to split.[68] When Utopia's young mutants counterattacked, Frenzy was shown to be appreciative of their aid. Together the two teams subdued Exodus, and he was imprisoned on Utopia.[69]

X-Men Legacy Vol 1 268 Textless Solicit

Always at war

When the X-Men went to war against the Avengers, Frenzy initially stayed at the school to protect it. The school grounds were placed under siege by an Avengers team consisting of She-Hulk, Falcon, and Moon Knight. Rogue insisted not to get into conflict with the Avengers, but Frenzy provoked a fight, prompting the rest of the staff to come to her aid.[65] After the Avengers recklessly put the school in danger, the X-Men went all out and defeated them despite intervention from a remote piloted Iron-Man suit. This incident made some X-Men, including Frenzy, to join Cyclops in his plans against the Avengers.[70]

With the X-Men new leaders being empowered by the Phoenix, mutants decided to reshape the world to create a global utopia. The X-Men assigned Frenzy to root out and destroy the last remnants of a militia that was tormenting the civilian population of the African country of Narobia. Telepathically assisted by the Stepford Cuckoos, Frenzy completed her mission, relating the experience to her own past. She convinced the Cuckoos not to rewrite the memories of the refugees as Cyclops had ordered, claiming that painful memories would help them endure the next time they were oppressed.[7]

Charles Xavier was a casualty of the war between the Avengers and the X-Men,[71] deeply affecting his son Legion, who searched for a new purpose in his life. His activities attracted the attention of the X-Men who confronted him at first.[72] However, when he was a victim of the Red Skull, Frenzy was recruited by Blindfold to help him.[73] Later on, Frenzy and the X-Men joined Legion in his last fight against his own psyche, leading him to erase himself from existence.[74]

Inhuman Crisis[]

As the Inhuman Terrigen Cloud was revealed to be toxic to mutants, mutant-inhuman relations became tense. Frenzy attacked the Royal Inhuman Vessel captained by Captain Swain, when a tour was given to members of the UN. Frenzy publicly blamed the Inhumans for releasing a chemical attack on mutants and intended to prevent their activities in their new ship. The royal Inhuman Crystal intervened, using her elemental abilities to safely entrap Frenzy. It was then revealed that the whole fight was staged in order to gain the UN's support for the Inhuman crew. Frenzy had allied herself with Crystal in exchange for their help with saving mutants from the effects of Terrigen.[75] Frenzy kept rescuing mutants at peril by herself. She was occasionally assisted by Crystal's crew, but shared that no help would be enough while Terrigen was still on the atmosphere, as mutants would never be safe.[76]

The Terrigen Cloud was eventually destroyed.[77] Soon after, Hydra seized control of the country and mutants were granted their own territory in California, rebuilding it as the mutant nation of New Tian. Frenzy was one of the inhabitants of New Tian who were hypnotized by Doctor Faustus to fight against Hydra forces, instigating political tensions between Hydra and New Tian. She managed to flee with her comrade Random.[78] She resurfaced after being summoned by Jean Grey to battle Nate Grey, who had possessed Legion's body and seemingly perished in battle alongside the rest of the X-Men.[79]


Frenzy was eventually welcomed to the new mutant island of Krakoa, founded by the cojoined efforts of Xavier, Magneto, and Moira. She entered through the teleportation gateway alongside other villainous and fractious mutants, who had been invited to join the nation in order to heal mutantdom and start over as a whole species together.[80] Soon after, she was next seen in the Green Lagoon, a tiki bar set up by Black Tom Cassidy.[81]

Joanna Cargill (Earth-616) from S.W.O.R.D

Ambassador Extraordinary

The space program S.W.O.R.D. was reformed as a mutant organization by Abigail Brand, and Frenzy was recruited as their ambassador extraordinary for Earth, being in contact with the Galactic Council. Frenzy physically combated the Kree/Skrull Alliance ambassador Paibok in a diplomatic meeting, before giving him a proper tour in S.W.O.R.D.'s Station, the Peak. She was also greeted by Magneto, S.W.O.R.D.'s liaison to the Quiet Council of Krakoa.[3]

With Earth dominated by the Symbiote dark-lord Knull, Frenzy led a group of S.W.O.R.D. operatives, alongside Paibok, to protect Krakoa. During the mission against the Symbiotes, she witnessed the noxious relationship between Magneto and Cortez.[82] However, the operation was unexpectedly interrupted by an infected Cable, who easily subdued his own colleagues and captured them.[83] Frenzy's strong will managed to get her to freedom and she brutally countered Cable, defeating him and allowing Krakoa to get purged from Knull's forces. After their victory, Frenzy and S.W.O.R.D. joined Magneto in a battle against Knull.[84]

During the Hellfire Gala, Mars was terraformed by omega-level mutants and rebranded as Planet Arakko.[85] Frenzy joined Brand in the Galactic Council to present them with the news about the mutant planet and about S.W.O.R.D.'s new mineral resource, Mysterium, consolidating Sol as an intergalactic powerful force.[86] To display their efficiency and might, S.W.O.R.D. saved the Kree/Skrull Alliance's liege, Hulkling, from Dormammu's forces.[87]

In the Circle Perilous, Frezy watched Storm defend her position as the regent of Arakko.[88] Soon after, Ambassador Frenzy welcomed Shi'ar Majestrix Xandra and her Imperial Guard to Lake Hellas Diplomatic Ring. As they were attacked by the Lethal Legion hired by Henry Gyrich, Frenzy led S.W.O.R.D.'s security team to battle with no success. The difficult fight was eventually eased by the intervention of Regent Storm.[89]

Fall of X[]

After a stint as a member of Abigail Brand's X-Men of Mars and as S.W.O.R.D.'s Chief Diplomat to the Galactic Council, Joanna would be elected to join Synch and Talon's "real" X-Men at the third Hellfire Gala.[90][5] However, along with most of the rest of this new team, she would not leave the Gala alive, with the ceremony suffering a disastrous attack by the anti-Mutant terrorist group Orchis.


Power Grid[93]
:Category:Power Grid/Fighting Skills/Experienced Fighter:Category:Power Grid/Energy Projection/None:Category:Power Grid/Durability/Superhuman:Category:Power Grid/Speed/Superhuman:Category:Power Grid/Strength/Superhuman (800 lbs-25 ton):Category:Power Grid/Intelligence/Learned


Frenzy is a mutant who possesses a number of superhuman physical attributes as a result of genetic mutation:

  • Superhuman Strength: Frenzy is superhumanly strong and she possesses sufficient physical strength to lift at least 10 tons, and perhaps more, as she has been noted going toe-to-toe with such notably superhumanly strong beings such as She-Hulk.
  • Superhuman Speed: Frenzy can run and move at speeds that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. She is able to run at speeds around 100 km/h.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Frenzy's advanced musculature is much more efficient than that of an ordinary human. As a result, her muscles produce less fatigue toxins and those of a normal human. At her peak, she can exert herself physically for several hours before the build up of fatigue toxins in her blood begins to impair her.
  • Superhuman Durability: Frenzy's bodily tissues are much tougher and more resistant to physical injury than those of a normal human. Frenzy's skin has been described as "steel hard", rendering her impervious to high caliber bullets, bladed weapons composed of most conventional materials, and temperature extremes of both heat and cold. Frenzy is also capable of withstanding great impact forces, such as being repeatedly struck with superhuman force or falling from great heights, without being injured. She can also withstand powerful energy blasts, such as those of Cyclops[citation needed] or his brother Vulcan[91], with no visible damage. She's also been shown to be resistant to radiation. Frenzy describes herself as having "steel-hard" skin.[citation needed]
  • Superhuman Agility: Frenzy's agility, balance and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Frenzy's reflexes are similarly enhanced and are superior to those of the finest human athlete.
She was stated to be a Level 6 Threat by Cable,[20] while the O*N*E classified her as a General Threat.[43]


Frenzy is an exceptional hand to hand combatant. She prefers using street fighting techniques allowing her to make full use of her physical attributes.


The only substance known to be able to penetrate her skin is adamantium, as seen when she fought X-23.[citation needed] Her eyes are also vulnerable to attacks by light, such as surgical lasers.[49]



X-Men Blackbird, formerly various vehicles provided by Apocalypse and Acolytes.

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