Jocasta was BainStark's spoke-bot (spoke-person) and the personal assistant of Co-CEO Sunset Bain. When humans were using neural enhancements and cosmetic prosthetics, this crossed the line between humanity and machine. Thus making robots and their services obsolete. Jocasta couldn't stand to see her and her 'robotkind' being obsolete and being cannibalized for parts in which she believed the only way was to destroy humanity. To destroy humankind in such a way that robots' involvement would not be discovered until it is too late, she resolved that most human of activities: storytelling. Jocasta programmed the BainStark mainframe to come up with the most tantalizing series of plot twists and narrative tricks constantly promising tantalizing revelations and deeply satisfying payoffs and never delivering "until season seven." Until the whole world couldn't resist installing her VidMeme, a computer virus, disguised to the source of the original seeder which would rewrite the code of that desire in the humans' cyberware into zombies into ironically cannibalizing their own people. This came into effect when the Earth-616 Machine Man, Howard the Duck, and Jacali Kane visited Earth-8410. Machine Man confronted Jocasta and was shocked of what she had done and tried to convince her that this isn't the way to resolve her frustration and anger. However, Jocasta didn't listen to him and had an infected Arno Stark to attack him. Ultimately, Machine Man killed Stark and then Jocasta, who is the main host of the CPU for the virus, and ending the outbreak.[1]


Seemingly those of Jocasta of Earth-616.

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