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Jocasta was one of a number of alternate-dimensional Avengers recruited by Proctor into his second team of Gatherers in exchange for meeting the alternate version of her husband from Earth-616.. Like the other Gatherers, she was presumably the sole survivor of a world where Sersi went mad and destroyed the Earth. Although skeptical of Proctor's true motives, she fought alongside him and his team against the Avengers of Earth-616.[1]

She resurfaced some time later working as a secretary to the Vision, after both of them had been infected by a program devised by the Anti-Vision to erase their personalities and place them under his control; in her case, her personality was replaced with one based on 1930s 'gumshoe' detective novels. Although Vision was eventually able to defeat the Anti-Vision, Jocasta's original personality and identity was irretrievably destroyed.[2]

Her current whereabouts are unknown.



Seemingly those of Jocasta of Earth-616


The moment Proctor mentions her late husband, Jocasta mutters the name Simon, presuming that this might be Simon Williams, the Wonderman.

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