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Jodi grew up a normal child, but when she was a teenager, she developed the mutant ability to psionically control small pieces of metal. After this, she became extremely withdrawn from the world and had trouble relating to others. James Hudson found her and recruited her into Department H in an attempt to both gain super-humans and to hopefully help her cope with her abilities. She served on the first Flight, Hudson's first attempt at a super-human team. She was able to do quite well in battle and actually saved fellow team mate Groundhog, whom she had an affinity for. After the mission she stayed with Department H at least until Wild Child joined.

Her current whereabouts and activities since the time of her first mission are not known.

Powers and Abilities


Magnetokinesis: Jodi could psionically manipulate small pieces of metal with amazing precision.


She has been diagnosed as an "egophobe", someone who is scared of his/her own self and in her case, powers.

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