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As the new Jester, Jody Putt had his technology and weaponry provided by Doctor Doom himself. Doctor Doom gave Jester the powerful Hulk Robot as one his main weapons to battle his enemies. Jester recruited a team of criminals known as the Assembly of Evil with the help of the Hulk Robot, Hydro-Man, Fenris, and Rock. The group was defeated by Cloak and Dagger along with some members of the Avengers.[1]

This Jester later was forced to join the Thunderbolts Army during the Civil War. The team was created to hunt supervillains and unregistered heroes. The team was kept under control thanks to nanobots injected into their bodies. If they disobeyed an order they would be electrocuted.[2]

The Jester was sent with fellow teammate Jack O'Lantern to hunt down the now rogue Spider-Man. The pair tracked the hero through New York's sewers; they gravely injured Spider-Man, and rather than take him in they decided to kill him. Thankfully for Spider-Man, the Punisher intervened and shot both Jack O'Lantern and Jester dead. Mr Hyde used the deceased villain's corpse to find a way around the nanotechnology preventing his escape.[3]


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Jester was an ordinary human.


Expert athlete and gymnast he was agile and an accomplished swordsman, having been trained in fencing and swordsmanship. Jester was formidable in hand-to-hand combat.


Nanobots injected into his bloodstream could be used to electrocute him.



Jester used gadgets that resemble toys and trinkets which include his yo-yo, which was his first weapon of choice, his jester robots that have jets in their boots, carry miniaturized guns and a built in scanner used to break into safes. He used marbles, exploding popcorn filled with gas, and a rubberized ball that grows with every bounce.

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