Injun Joe was a crime boss active in New York City.

An encounter with Punisher left Injun Joe laying in the infirmary. When Punisher himself was arrested and sent to Ryker's Island Penitentiary, three of Injun Joe's men attacked him in the showers with melee weapons. The Punisher killed them all.[1]

Unhappy with Kingpin as the ruler of New York's underground, Injun Joe sent a man to assassin him; but his agent failed and, questioned, revealed Injun Joe's involvement. Kingpin sent someone to deal with this mutiny: Daredevil, who had just came to ask him for a favor. In exchange for it, Kingpin requested Daredevil to defeat Injun Joe and his men; Daredevil agreed as long as the police would arrest them. Thug Turk Barrett guided Daredevil to Injun Joe's lair and revealed that Injun Joe was inside with four of his men, all of them armed. Daredevil defeated them easily and they were arrested as agreed. Injun Joe's defeat quelled a rising mutiny in Kingpin's organization, and Kingpin was so happy that he even sent reinforcements to help Daredevil against The Hand - because Daredevil's actions had proved to lesser criminals that Daredevil was an enemy against whom Kingpin's protection was required.[2]

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