Injun Joe was a mob boss active in New York City and a rival of gangster Kingpin. Sometimes, Injun Joe hired people to load and unload smuggled goods in the docks, paying between 50 and 75$ per night and person. This activity was also arranged, with similar fees, by other crime leaders including Kingpin and Caesar Cicero of the Silvermane Maggia family. Employees tended to not know who was hiring them, and they sometimes had trouble with authorities or superheroes.

After vigilante Punisher accidentally killed Daredevil, the former whent to intercept one of the port deliveries that may, or may not, have been one of Injun Joe's. In any case, Spider-man intervened, confronting Punisher and giving the operators a chance to escape.

Soon afterward, Injun Joe was imprisoned in Ryker's Island (He may have been there for a longer time), but he arranged for an agent to be his emissary, ensuring that his criminal activities continued. Punisher tried to discover this person's name by beating up a low-level criminal; but, once again, Spider-man stopped him and allow the hoodlum to leave.

Kingpin manipulated the events so that other independent superheroes chased Punisher while the main superhero teams avoided the quest. Meanwhile, Kingpin started a gang war, using lawyer "Foggy" Nelson and journalist Ben Urich as their puppets to reveal the names of corrupt politicians affiliated to gangs opposted to Kingpin's, such as Maggia, or to murder these people. Maggia decided to leave New York City. Finally, the Kingpin got enough power to replace the Mayor of New York City with his own corrupt agent, but the Punisher sacrificed his life to kill them both.[citation needed]


Seemingly those of Injun Joe (Earth-616).

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