Joe Clanton was a lumberjack on the Canadian frontier who possessed the abilities of a highly skilled gymnast. Tired of doing such a hazardous job for so little pay, Clanton fashioned himself a costume and called himself the Acrobat and planned to rob the lumber camp's payroll. The Acrobat assumed that no one would be able to stop him as there were no lawmen in the area for miles around. Little did he know, however, that the Rawhide Kid had come to Canada and took a job as a lumberjack. As the Acrobat robbed the safe, he was confronted by the Kid and the two men fought. The Acrobat soon escaped but was followed by the Kid and they met again in the river, where the Acrobat rolled the Kid into the water with his logriding skills. As the Acrobat fled, the other loggers came upon the Rawhide Kid and falsely blamed him for the robbery.

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The Acrobat rode on to Boissevale and robbed the local bank of the peacful little town, he also later comitted a daring stage coach robbery. The Kid, meanwhile, had escaped from the Mountie charged with bringing him in and continued to pursue the Acrobat in order to clear his own name. He knew he would have little success trying to locate the talented gymnast, so he devised a trap where he dressed up as a city slicker claiming to possess a valuable ruby and set up in a hotel. The Kid suspected that as word got spread around town that the Acrobat would be too greedy to stay away. Sure enough, the Acrobat entered the hotel room from the outside window during the night, thinking it be an easy robbery, only to discover he had been set up by the Kid. The two men fought again, eventually landing outside on the street below, but the Acrobat made the mistake of attempting to draw against the Kid, who quickly shot the gun from his hand. The Acrobat was then turned over to the Mountie, Sgt. Jonah, who had been pursuing the Kid ever since he escaped. The Rawhide Kid was able to prove his innocence and rode off back to the United States.[citation needed]




The Acrobat was a skilled gymnast and tumbler, able to balance himself effortlessly on logs, survive leaps from great heights, and even dodge bullets.





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