Joe Emberlin is a student who had been trained to mimic Hawkeye's abilities by Taskmaster as the assassin Jagged Bow.

Taskmaster's Test

While investigating the Red Skull's dealings at an estate near Alexandria, Virginia, Spider-Man encountered Solo and, upon realizing they may be walking into a trap, the two agreed to a tenuous team-up.

Once inside, their fears were confirmed when Taskmaster revealed his students, a trio who had been trained as an evil version of the Avengers and were sent to fight Spider-Man as their final test. Solo immediately attempted to shoot and kill them, but was stopped by Spider-Man, who did not approve of using lethal force.

After being wrapped up by Blood Spider's webbing, Solo teleported out of the bindings and behind Jagged Bow, knocking him unconscious; meanwhile, Spider-Man engaged Death-Shield, blinding him with webbing to the face, then downing Blood Spider with a punch to the gut.

Sensing the students' imminent defeat, Taskmaster looked to flee, and as Solo tied up Jagged Bow and Death-Shield, Spider-Man gave chase, but Blood Spider recovered long enough to allow his teacher to escape.[3]

All-New, All-Different Marvel

When the Mercs for Money stole a Rigellian Recorder from the Beyond Corporation, Crime Master hired Taskmaster's students to ambush Deadpool and Slapstick in a Manhattan warehouse, hoping to steal the Recorder for himself.

Jagged Bow shot Wade full of arrows, including one which cut off his nose; however, a hammer to Death-Shield's face from Slapstick and well-placed shots to Blood Spider's weblines and backpack from Deadpool ultimately turned the tide, and the Mercs eventually forced the students to retreat.[2]


  • None


  • Skilled Archer: Emberlin was trained by Taskmaster to mimic Clint Barton's status as a master archer with exceptional accuracy.[3] He is capable of firing multiple arrows at a single target in a few seconds, hitting multiple targets in a few quick succession, or firing multiple arrows all at once.[2]
  • Marksman: Emberlin possesses keen eyesight and his accuracy is extraordinary.[2]
  • Acrobat: Emberlin is very athletic, with quick reflexes and agility, allowing him to easily dodge bullets.[3]


  • Bow and Trick Arrows

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