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Quote1 Kickapoo, Blackfeet, Apache... We are people of the land called America. Shoot, we've been here long before America, and we'll survive it too. So if Cap's mantle truly represents the people, I'm claiming it for people like me. Quote2
Captain America


Joe Gomez, Kickapoo name Chiitaska, was a construction worker and handyman who was well known among the community around his Kansas Reservation for providing free assistance and repairs to help out his neighborhood wherever possible. Gomez was hired on as one of many construction workers brought on to aid in reconstruction efforts after The Wrecking Crew had devastated numerous local buildings. While Joe was excited at the prospect of getting to help restore people's homes, he was critical of the idea that the Avengers would care to intervene in problems occurring on a reservation, cynically pointing out that he had plenty of reasons to be skeptical of any man calling himself Captain America. During the job, Joe manned the the construction crane when Bulldozer attacked the site, attempting to take one of the workers hostage. Thinking quickly, Joe slammed the crane into Bulldozer, rescuing his colleagues on the ground, at the cost of attracting the villain's attentions instead. Claiming that Joe owed him a hostage, Bulldozer scaled the crane, but Gomez was able to outmaneuver him and knock him from the top. Just as Gomez was about to fall himself, he was saved by the timely intervention of Captain America.

His previous cynicism replaced with a new feeling of hope, Joe began to idolize Captain America for the idea he represented and the earnest way he believed in it, and began collecting Captain America memorabilia, dedicated a room in his house to a miniature museum including comics, film tapes, newspaper clippings and photographs. He also created his own costume, combining the traditional look of Captain America's Uniform with a traditional Kickapoo warrior garb, as well as a homemade shield. Joe joined with the Captains Network and began to fight injustice.[1]

After Speed Demon stole Captain America's Shield and began working with Superior to attack people across the country while disguised as Captain America, they also began hunting people associated with the Captains Network, intending to kill, humiliate and ultimately destroy the image of what the Captains represented. Gomez was contacted by Captains America Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson to warn him of the attacks and seek his assistance. During their meeting, Gomez showed his Captain America museum to Steve, and realizing that over the years Steve had forgotten their previous encounter, explained that he takes the Captain role seriously because of what it means, claiming that Steve didn't have to be his hero, but that he was an inspiration for Joe to become a hero himself.

Joe helped Steve and Sam track a suspicious dynamite shipment to the Imposter Captain Americas, revealing that the most likely nearby target would be the local Integration Site, allowing them to destroy a Captain and a symbol of American unity in one strike. The trio donned their uniforms and engaged Superior, during which they realized that the real target was Prescott, a Cheyenne governor candidate and primary front-runner. During the fight, Steve and Sam were knocked out temporarily while Joe was left critically injured. The three made their way to Topeka where Prescott was speaking that day, and passed Joe over to emergency medical services.

Speed Demon arrived and attempted to assassinate Prescott with the shield, but the timely intervention of Winter Soldier saved him. While Speed Demon retreated, Gomez forgo medical treatment to attack the villain, getting a solid punch in before collapsing from his injuries, unable to prevent Speed Demon from escaping with the shield. A few hours afterwards, Prescott announced his decision to step down from the running while Joe recovered from his injuries in the hospital.[1]



  • DIY Skills: Joe is a true jack-of-all-trades with skills that range from repairing house appliances and sewing to building houses and operating cranes.[1]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Joe possesses some skills in hand-to-hand combat and managed to defeat Sin with the help of Aaron Fischer.[2]



A homemade facsimile of Captain America's Shield


  • As of his first appearance, Joe was 43 years old.[1]

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