Dr. Strange (Stephen Strange) walks on Greenwich Village, thinking about the magic that holds, when he sees "Notebook" Joe, a man who has been documenting the history of the place. Joe has never shown a page of his work to anybody, and is always finding somebody who would let him spend the night while he completes his reaserch.

Recently, he's been staying with Abby, an artist, that hired a detective to find about Joe's past. He tells her that Joe used to be an archeologist that worked in Africa before having a mental breakdown.

Doctor Strange takes a look on Joe's work and sees that is all gibberish. He believs that Joe has been asleep since his breakdown, and enters his dream. Inside his head, he sees a door guarded by Joe. Strange opens it and sees his future, a reunion with the Defenders.

Joe wakes up, snaps out of his dream, goes to the train station, and jumps in front of a train.[1]



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