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Joe Orlando

Joe Orlando

Joe Orlando

Real Name
Joseph Orlando
Joe Orlando

EC, DC, Marvel


First publication
Treasure Chest (1949), Chuck White Strip

Notable Creations

Place of Birth
Bari , Italy

Date of Birth
Date of Death

April 4, 1927
December 23, 1998

Professional History

Joe Orlando and Wally Wood formed a Comic Book Art Studio in 1950 and sold science fiction storis to publishers Avon, Youthful, and Ziff-Davis. Orlando later joined Wood at E.C. comics. When EC went out of business, Orlando drew science fiction and mystery stories for Marvel Comics in the 1950's. At this time, he also did work for MAD Magazine. After a period of painting and advertising owrk, Orlando returned to Marvel Comics in 1964. He drew three early issues of the superhero series Daredevil. Mr. Orlando also had noted acclaim for his art on pirate stories. Alan Moore is one noted admirer. Orlando died on December 23, 1998.

Work History

Images Attributed to Joe Orlando


  • Professional History information for Joe Orlando was obtained from The Illustrated Superhero Comics of the Silver Age, Mike Benton (ISBN 0-87833-746-6).


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  • Wikipedia: Joe Orlando [1]


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