Joe Scarpone was the leader of his own gang during the 1940s. In the summer of 1943, the Angel assisted in his capture. The courts found him guilty of murder, and Scarpone was sentenced to life in prison. He immediately began plotting his escape and began communicating with members of his gang on the outside to using Morse Code. The orders were to blow up the outer wall of the prison.

When one of his own men was told of this plot, he intended to stay straight and attempted to warn the warden but was murdered by Scarpone's men. The Angel happened to be at the prison being thanked by the warden for Scarpone's conviction. The Angel began investigating and learned about the plot, but Scarpone and his henchman John Barlo broke out of their cell and with a smuggled in firearm took both the Angel and the warden hostage.

Soon, his mob blew open the wall while prison guards were busy quelling a prison break. However, the timely arrival of the National Guard and the Angel's intervention prevented Scarpone from escaping through the hole. Scarpone, still holding the warden hostage, demanded to be allowed to escape through the prison garage. There, he attempted to use the warden's guard to make a getaway but was opposed once again by the Angel. Running down Barlo to escape, Scarpone made a clean getaway, but an unforeseen tire blow out caused Scarpone to crash the car. Despite his efforts to stop the Angel's pursuit, he was recaptured and placed into police custody.

Ironically, Scarpone shortly died of internal injuries caused by the car crash.[1]

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