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Personal History

Joe Sinnott was born in Saugerties, New York to Edward and Catherine McGraw Sinnott. He was one of seven children. His family operated a boarding house that primarily catered to schoolteachers. A number of these tenants helped cultivate a love of drawing in Sinnot from a young age. Living in the city, and then on a farm after age 12, Sinnot spent a majority of his childhood playing sports and drawing. He read many comics, especially Hawkman comics throughout his adolescent years and was inspired by their artwork. He eventually joined the military for two years, and then around 1950 enrolled in the Cartoonist’s & Illustrator’s School in New York City.[1]

Professional History

Joe Sinnot began doing his first work for Marvel during his time at the Cartoonist's & Illustrator's School in New York. Though Sinnot had wanted to draw sports cartoons or advertisements, one of his teachers, Tom Gill, offered Sinnott some part time work to help him illustrate comics for Marvel and other publishers. Gill and Sinnot, along with another student named Norman Steinberg, illustrated comics such as Red Warrior and Kent Blake of the Secret Service together on Tom Gill's porch. The three artists would pass around the comic strips, each sharing the duties of penciling and inking different panels, but would allow Gill to draw the heads on characters so as to look as if one artist had done all the work. Eventually, Gill asked Sinnott to take over all the responsibilities for the the Kent Blake book, and for six to twelve months Sinnott did all the penciling and inking himself while attending school at the same time. Eventually, Sinnott went to Marvel to ask for a job. After viewing a single-page test piece to evaluate Sinnott's work, Stan Lee gave Sinnott an official position in Marvel (then named Timely Comics), drawing mini filler stories for Tom Gill's Marvel Kent Blake book.[1]

Each time Sinnott finished illustrating a story for Marvel, he would be assigned a new one to take home. Over the next six years, Sinnott continued in this manner, drawing stories for many different Timely comics including Apache Kid, Adventures into Terror, Marvel Tales, Strange Tales, and many others.[1]

Sinnott was the early artist for Thor in Journey into Mystery. The artist later became one of Marvel's foremost inkers. During his tenure, he worked on practically every feature at Marvel Comics. He admittedly preferred working with his favorite artist: Jack Kirby.

Sinnott primarily worked as an inker in his later years with Marvel Comics, especially on the Spider-Man Newspaper Strips.


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