Quote1.png Nothin' breaks Joe the Gorilla's killer grip--Nothin'! Quote2.png
-- Joe the Gorilla src


Joe the Gorilla was one of those almost-but-not-quite super-strong types. He preferred choke holds[1].

Joe joined the Defenders, a group of villains using that name. He followed the orders of Libra. The group took over the New York Stock Exchange. The hero Nighthawk entered the building alone, and swiftly punched Joe. [2]

In the latter fight between the villainous and the heroic Defenders, Joe managed to ambush Valkyrie. He placed a strangle hold around her neck and attempted to choke her to death. While struggling to survive, Valkyrie started hallucinating that Joe was an Asgardian troll. Valkyrie was overcome with warrior madness and used her superhuman strength to break Joe's killer grip. She then lifted him up and threw him away, sending him flying away at great speed. He was only able to scream. [2]

Strength level

Joe is sufficiently strong to manage to hold a struggling Valkyrie prisoner with his bare hands. However, he turned out to be no match for her Asgardian strength and warrior madness. [2]

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