In the 1940's Joel Williams and his brother Josh invented the remote control robot known as Flexo for the purposes of fighting crime, and would often use their invention to get themselves out of trouble.

In their first recorded appearance, the Williams brothers collected a sample of radium for experimentation only to be tricked into coming to a woman's aid and getting mugged. Using their Flexo robot and a radium detector, the two brothers tracked the mastermind behind the thefts to Dr. Murdo's lab, and with Flexo, they captured Murdo and his men and destroyed Murdo's lab.[1]

Next, Joel sent Flexo to rescue his brother Josh from peril after thieves stole their plans for a torpedo repellent, leaving Josh tied to a tree for hungry wolves. Flexo rescued his brother and recovered the stolen plans.[2] When using Flexo to investigate a series of arsons, Josh would once more needed to be rescued by his brother when he was left to burn to death in a building. Joel used Flexo to save Josh, and they later stopped Iron Duke, the man responsible for the arsons.[3]

In his last recorded appearance, Joel accompanied his brother Josh to the nation of Teutonia to recover a stolen formula of destructive potential. There, the two brothers were captured while attempting to recover the formula and put before a firing squad. With their control device, they summoned Flexo who rescued them and recover the plans.[4]

Joel's subsequent activities remain unrevealed.


No known paranormal powers


Joel is a capable fighter and a brilliant inventor. With his brother, he invented Flexo the robot and designs for a torpedo repellent.


Joel sometimes operated a remote control that allowed him to operate Flexo the robot.

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