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Joelle originally met Gambit at an event held by Borya Cich, when Gambit used her to escape detection after he stole an artifact from Cich's vault.[1] Joelle would later encounter Gambit while breaking into the Museum of the Americas, where they both were looking into the histroy of the artifact, that was now embed in Gambit's chest.[2] Joelle and Gambit then travelled to Guatemala in search of an ancient hidden city, which held information about the artifact.[3] Joelle would later team up with Gambit to break into one of Red Skull's research facilities. Joelle was attempting to steal a chemical that would allow her to die, although she hinted to Gambit that she was after a cure for her daughter.[4]

Powers and Abilities


Eternal life.


Skilled burglar and combatant.


Joelle suffers from Arachnophobia.


  • Joelle nearly died during child birth, but was granted eternal life by an unknown individual.[5]
  • Joelle has a fear of spiders (arachnophobia). [3]

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