Joey was raised in the sewers by his parents to prevent him from being subject to anti-mutant hatred as well as to prevent him from harming anybody with his powers. However, he got really sick in the sewers, and his mother took him to a hospital on the surface because they didn't know how to make him better, and because his parents realized that this was not the right kind of life for a child.

Joey, while at the hospital, transformed into his monstrous form, knocked out a doctor and a nurse, and left the hospital, making his way to the sewers because he wanted to go home. He wasn't exactly discrete about it though, and rampaged through New York on his way. Spider-Man and the Beast spotted him throwing over a truck and scaring away civilians.

Spider-Man and Beast then confronted Joey, who proved more than their match. He knocked out Beast, broke through Spider-Man's webbing, and nearly drowned Spider-Man. Luckily, Joey's dad found them and Joey transformed back into his child form and ran to his dad who held Joey in his arms.

Spider-Man and Beast were shocked to learn they'd been fighting a small kid and Beast told Joey's father about the Nursery, a facility whose purpose is to deal with problems like Joey's. Joey's father allowed Joey to be transferred to the Nursery.[1]

His post-M-Day is unknown.


  • Transformation: Joey is able to transform into a monster-like creature at will.
    • Super-Strength: As a result of his ability to transform into a monster, Joey gains super-human strength.

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