Once a lowly loan shark operating out of Delta City's waterfront district, Joey Marone was found on the brink of death by the mysterious DoctOrangutan, who rebuilt him as a cyborg with impenetrable metal skin; he thereafter became a foe of incompetent superhero Fight Man. [1]

Metalhead teamed up with Triggerman Carr and Glass-Eye Freddie to mug a woman in an alleyway; when his victim reluctantly called for Fight Man, the three were effortlessly defeated, with Metalhead being punched into orbit, apparently a recurring method of defeat for him. However, the three enforcers from rival mobs working together provided Fight Man with his first clue that someone was attempting to unite all of Delta City's underworld. [2]

Years later, Metalhead showed up among the many villains of Delta City who attempted to kill Fight Man and Agent X at the behest of Hooded Eye and Beverly Lacoco. Another villain fired him out of a cannon, but Fight Man punched him into orbit again. He later fell down and squashed the now-superhuman Beverly, ironically bringing an end to the battle as neither Fight Man nor Agent X were able to defeat her.[3]

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Metal-plated skin: Rebuilt as a cyborg with impenetrable metal skin by DoctOrangutan, Metalhead, true to his name, has a fighting style based around devastating headbutts. However, he is far weaker than his nemesis Fight Man even with his enhancements.


Metalhead was given a brief backstory on Evan Dorkin's tumblr, where he published the notes on Fight-Man's supporting cast that he gave to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe writers.

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