Quote1 Welcome, Natasha, daughter of Ivan. Clint, son of Edith. Quote2
-- Red Skull src

This version of the Red Skull had the same history as his Earth-199999 counterpart until the Avengers of 2023 time-travelled to 2014 to retrieve the Power and Soul Stones, which were destroyed in their world.

Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton went to Vormir to get the Soul Stone, where the Red Skull greeted them and mentioned the names of their parents. The Red Skull explained that the Avengers needed to sacrifice a loved one to win the Soul Stone. Romanoff and Barton fought over who should be the sacrifice, Barton to avenge his lost family, Romanoff due to her past. In the end, Romanoff sacrificed herself to give Barton the Soul Stone, setting the Red Skull free from his curse with the stone gone. However, Steve Rogers returned the Soul Stone back to Vormir after the Avengers used the Infinity Stones, once again binding the Red Skull to his fate.[1]


Seemingly those of the Red Skull of Earth-199999.


Seemingly those of the Red Skull of Earth-199999.

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