Quote1.png What is it that you hope to accomplish with this feeble display? Even if you were capable of defeating me -- which you are not -- how could you ever be sure of your victory? How can you trust that anything you are seeing is real? Do you really think you could shrug off your programming so easily? You butchered your friends and allies -- at my whim! And you were none the wiser! And now, you've cut a swath through dozens of villains who might one day oppose my rule! This is all part of my plan! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Quote2.png
-- Red Skull src


Red Skull seemingly had a similar history as his Earth-616 counterpart.

He was involved in brainwashing Deadpool into killing his fellow heroes.[3] When Deadpool was freed from his programming, he started hunting down the villains. Johann tauntly planted seeds of doubt in Wade's mind about whether or not he was truly free of his influence. Even after Deadpool killed him, Wade saw his decapitated head continued talking to him.[1]


Seemingly those of the Johann Shmidt of Earth-616.

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