Quote1 I am the Red Skull, while you are all merely numbskulls. Quote2
-- Red Skull src

The Red Skull was among several supervillains who worked with Doctor Doom to track down all of the Cosmic Bricks, which were fragments of the Silver Surfer's shattered Surfboard. Once the Surboard was reassembled, Doom planned to use it to power his Doom Ray of Doom, which would allow him to conquer the Earth. The Red Skull did track down one of the Cosmic Bricks, and was able to bring it back to his HYDRA base. However, his possession of the item was short lived, as it was later confiscated from him by Hawkeye, Black Widow, Human Torch, and Captain America, after they succeeded in defeating Skull and his HYDRA soldiers.


Seemingly those of Red Skull of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Red Skull of Earth-616.


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