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Quote1.png I am the Red Skull, while you are all merely numbskulls. Quote2.png
Red Skull[src]


World War II

The leader of Hydra, Shmidt led Hydra into World War II, having acquired the Tesseract. When Captain America and Bucky Barnes stormed Shmidt's base, Shmidt and Zola eventually fled once the two made their way upward. Despite Zola wanting to leave immediately, Skull and Cap confronted each other head-on.

Eventually, the power of the Tesseract consumed him, causing him to vanish in a confrontation with Captain America.

Modern Day

Having returned through unknown means Red Skull was among several supervillains who worked with Doctor Doom to track down all of the Cosmic Bricks, which were fragments of the Silver Surfer's shattered Surfboard, allowing Doom to both save and conquer the Earth. The Red Skull was freed from the Raft by Sabretooth and tracked down one of the Cosmic Bricks,bringing it back to his HYDRA base. Together, he worked with Arnim Zola and Loki to build a portal to Asgard out of an arc reactor that Loki stole. Upon the base being infiltrated by Black Widow, Hawkeye and Human Torch, Loki blasted the three with his sceptre, knocking Black Widow and Hawkeye out. After Loki left the base to return to Asgard, Captain America entered the base, teaming up with Human Torch. Red Skull alternated between fighting Captain America directly and letting Arnim Zola activate laser canons, which Captain America and Human Torch were able to disable.Eventually, Wolverine showed up and tripped Red Skull into the portal, destroying it and electrocuting Red Skull. Shmidt was then taken into custody, along with Zola and the other Hydra agents. [1]



Seemingly those of the Johann Shmidt of Earth-616.




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