Little is known about Red Skull's life before arriving on Battleworld. Presumably, his history mirrors that of his mainstream counterpart's up to an unknown point. Eventually, his reality was likely destroyed by the Incursions along with rest of the Multiverse, and he ended up on Battleworld.

After arriving on Battleworld, Skull led an unsuccessful rebellion against Battleworld's creator and ruler God-Emperor Doom and was banished to the Deadlands. It was assumed that he perished, but rumors started to spread that he was alive. So, Doom ordered his right-hand Sheriff Strange to organize a group of criminals to enter the Deadlands and find proof of Skull's death.

Gathered by Crossbones, who had escaped the Deadlands, the group entered the domain, and they were instantly attacked and mostly killed by a zombie horde. Magneto of Earth-11326 was the only member of the team to survived and was saved by none other than Skull himself.[1] The Red Skull took Magneto to his secret hideout and told him about his plans of destroying the Shield, the protective defense that kept Battleworld safe from dangerous lands like the Deadlands, using his powers over magnetism. Magneto was furious to hear this, but he had no choice but to help Skull as he was wearing an Inhibitor Collar that suppressed his powers and that Skull was stronger than him.

Afterwards, Red Skull took Magneto to New Xandar and met with the leader of the Annihilation Wave, Annihilus. Skull told Annihilus about his plan and how he would like to use the Annihilation Wave as a distraction while Magneto took the Shield down. Annihilus agreed to help Magneto and gave him some of his army.[2] Skull and Magneto then led the Annihilation Wave in an attack on the Shield. Magneto eventually realized that Skull had set him up when he fought Sentinels that were immune to magnetism. The Sentinels wiped out the Annihilation Wave and baldy burnt Magneto's face.

Magneto confronted Skull, willing to deliver his head to Doom and get his freedom as promised by Crossbones, but Shmidt forced the Inhibitor Collar back around his neck. Skull then explained to Magneto that he needed a distraction to make his escape, and that being the lone survivor of this incident would only add to his myth, making his return even more meaningful. After a brief fight, Skull overpowered Magneto and left him to be eaten by zombies while he escaped through the tunnel used by Magneto and his used to enter the Deadlands. However, as he boasted about being free again, Skull was shot in the head by Crossbones, ending his life as well as his myth. With the Red Skull's severed head in his possession, Crossbones went to deliver it to Doom.[3]


Seemingly those of the Johann Shmidt of Earth-616.


Various weapons including guns

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