The past history of the Red Skull of Earth-7940 presumably mirrors that of his counterpart on Earth-616 up until he was placed in suspended animation near the end of World War II. [1] However in this reality events in the modern age took a dramatic impact that changed events in the Red Skull's life. In the early days of the modern age the Thing of Earth-616 traveled to this era via a Time Platform under the mistaken belief he was travelling to his own past. His mission was to administer a cure for his transformation to his past self that was developed by the Mister Fantastic of his home reality. When he administered this cure to the Thing of Earth-7940, it reverted him back to human form and Thing-616 returned to his home era. [2] Because the Ben Grimm of this reality was no longer the Thing he left the ranks of the Fantastic Four of his reality. Because of his departure, events were such that the Human Torch would not restore the memory of the Sub-Mariner. This in turn would prevent Captain America from being revived in this era, and in turn altered events in which the Red Skull remained in suspended animation for a much longer period of time.

When Galactus came to Earth to consume it's life energies, he succeeded, and slew the Fantastic Four and other heroes in the process. When Earth's energies were consumed, the Red Skull was also freed form his suspended animation. Revived on a decimated world, the Red Skull then reformed the Nazi party and began taking over the world, starting with what was left of Europe before turning his attentions to the United States. With resistance being minimal, the Skull easily took over, setting up a base camp in the ruins of the World Trade Center. By this time the Thing of Earth-616 returned to this reality to see how his counterpart was doing. The Thing was later captured by the Skull and interrogated, but Ben Grimm led an army on an attack of the Red Skull's headquarters to free the Thing. In the ensuing battle the Red Skull attempted to administer his Dust of Death but the Thing blew it back in his face, killing him instantly. [3]

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