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Quote1.png Picture an army of mythological beasts, unleashed upon the battlefield. The Allies won't even comprehend the forces that are destroying them. Quote2.png
The Red Skull[src]


Early Life

Johann Shmidt, alias the Red Skull was a Nazi leader and scientist. He rose through the ranks to become the leader of Hydra during the Second World War. Under the Nazi cause, he began to develop multiple advanced creations, the primary focus of weapons research based on Norse mythology.

Meeting Captain America

When Captain America and the Howling Commandos attacked his castle in Germany, the Red Skull activated a special device that functioned similar to a Bifrost Bridge, transporting multiple monsters from the other realms into Midgard, including the king of the Frost Giants Ymir. Skull's plans were stopped by Captain America once again, and he was forced to retreat on his rocket, though he was pursued by Cap and Bucky. The three fought, and Red Skull escaped the rocket by ejecting from the cockpit, leaving Bucky and Cap to their certain dooms. Bucky threw Cap off the rocket to save him, and he fell into the freezing waters below, becoming encased in ice, while the rocket exploded with Bucky on board, falling to the freezing waters as well.

Red Skull Returns

"Dell Rusk"

The Red Skull returned in modern days as the Secretary of Defense of the United States Dell Rusk, and worked with a the revived Bucky (now called Winter Soldier) in a plan which involved transforming General Ross into the Red Hulk and trying (but failing) to capture Bruce Banner.

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of Johann Shmidt (Earth-616)#Powers.


Seemingly those of Johann Shmidt (Earth-616)#Abilities.



A German pistol


Rocket plane



  • Dell Rusk is an anagram of Red Skull.

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