Red Skull was first a disfigured youth whose face resembled a pink skull and was bullied by a young Arnim Zola. To cope with this, he painted his face red, took the name of the Red Skull, and embarked on a career of villainy, before being foiled by Captain America and Nick Fury. Red Skull cryogenically froze himself trying to freeze Captain America and Nick Fury. He was found in the Villainville Wiener Hut and was released by Doctor Doom (who saw the Skull as a hero). The Red Skull continued his evil plan to enact Plan USB, and his ego annoyed Doom. After managing to claim an Infinity Fractal, Red Skull had Mole Man excavate Plan USB (which was short for "UberSkullbot). When UberSkullbot was excavated, it ended up in a fight with the UberDoombot until Doctor Doom and Red Skull united to attack the Super Hero Squad and Nick Fury. The UberSkullbot and the UberDoombot were stopped by the Super Hero Squad and the Red Skull accidentally froze himself when Captain America deflected the blast from his freeze gun. Captain America uses his frozen body at his birthday party to keep the food cold. In the episode "World War Witch," Thanos attempting to use the Time Infinity Gem to send the Super Hero Squad's Space Helicarrier back in time ends up sending Scarlet Witch back in time to World War II where she stumbles on a plot by Red Skull to launch a rocket onto the Allied Forces. She teamed up with Captain America and the Invaders to stop Red Skull's plot before returning to the present when the other Super Hero Squad members came to rescue her.


Seemingly those of Red Skull.


Seemingly those of Red Skull.

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