One of the high-ranking Nazi’s during the Second World War, The Red Skull tried to force a young John Hardesky into revealing the super soldier formula. The Red Skull was constantly battling the Allies greatest champion, Captain America, who was created by the formula. After learning that one of their scientists had been kidnapped, the Allies sent Wolverine and Captain America to rescue him. After realising that they had been set up and the Scientist was there willingly, they were captured by The Red Skull.

After escaping, they came face to face with The Skull and defeated his Sleeper robot before The Skull escaped on his plane. Captain America and the Six American Warriors confronted the Red Skull once again when the Skull attempted to build a Doomsday Weapon. However, in a fight, Cap and Skull were trapped in a vortex, and remained unreleased for fifty years.

Fifty years later, the Red Skull's son, Rheinholt Kragov, and step-son, the Chameleon, released him from the vortex. It was then that the Red Skull unveiled the Doomsday Weapon, which he used to turn his son into Electro. However, Electro betrayed his family, but was defeated by Captain America and Spider-Man. After another fight, Red Skull and Captain America were trapped in the vortex once again.


Seemingly those of Johann Shmidt (Earth-616)#Powers.


Seemingly those of Johann Shmidt (Earth-616)#Abilities.

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