During World War II, the Red Skull managed to escape becoming trapped within a hidden bunker. Believed to be dead, he was free to move behind the scenes. The first thing he did was assassinate Adolf Hitler, others had tried to kill the Fuehrer to end the war, but the Skull wanted to save the Nazis from certain defeat. With the entire axis war machine behind him, the Red Skull was unstoppable. He cut a bloody gash through the entire planet and killed everyone who dared to oppose him, Captain America included. With his handpicked cronies, each as merciless as he, the Skull eventually the whole world. He reigned supreme.[1]

Years later, during an annual purge in the Balkans, he made a fatal error, when he chose to spare a young gypsy named Victor von Doom. Doom soon became the Skull's official heir, and eventually murdered him, taking over the Skull's leadership.[1]


Seemingly those of Johann Shmidt (Earth-616)#Powers.

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