Quote1.png Nothing about the Red Skull is petty! Hydra is nothing without the Red Skull! Nothing matters except destroying Captain America! Quote2.png
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During World War II, Red Skull fought against Super-Soldier Captain America. Somehow surviving into the modern age, Shmidt was one of the students attending the Hydra School.

Civil War

Winter Soldier was part of the Hydra group that captured Wonder Man, Black Panther , Agent 13 and Spider-Man.

The same group later attacked the Avengers Academy and caused a rift between Iron Man and Captain America on how to properly defend the Academy.

During the Hydra attack,thanks to Winter Soldier help Red Skull betrayed Madame Hydra, and took over Hydra leadership from her, wanting to get her revenge on him, Madame Hydra joined the Avengers Academy. With her help, and the Academy united again after Captain America and Iron Man resolved their issues, they were able to bring the Winter Soldier to their side and defeat Red Skull, after being defeated he was imprisoned at the Academy.[1]

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Seemingly those of the Johann Shmidt of Earth-616.

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