John grew up on an Earth that had been conquered by the Martians at least fifteen years prior to his birth. His mother had kept him hidden in a bunker for years until she allowed him to leave it for the first time when she needed his help on a supply run. While gathering food they were forced to hide from Martian Tripods and were then discovered by Martian Hunter-Slaves. John's mother begged for him to run but he wouldn't leave her even after she was hurt, the Hunters caught up with them and executed John's mother in front of him. John would then go on to join the Freemen[2]


John was highly intelligent and had access to a computer system containing vast stores of information about how the world was before the Martian invasion. With his natural intelligence and logical mind John was able to discover how different kinds of Martian technology worked and was able to exploit technological blindspots he found in it due to his deduced knowledge of Martian minds and bodies.[1]

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