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Johnny Anvil was a convict and a white racist. As part of a chain gang, he was chained to black prisoner Leroy Jackson. The pair's hatred of prison, however, was stronger than their hate for each other and they succeeded in escaping the chain gang while still chained together. Hammer stole a .38 handgun from a guard, and when the two encountered an alien who had crashed on Earth, Hammer tried to kill it but accidentally wound up saving the creature's life instead; it fed on metal, and used the bullets fired at it to regenerate. The alien wanted to thank them, and replaced the chain linking them with a device that granted them superhuman powers. The two returned to prison seeking revenge, but wound up battling the Hulk instead.[2]

Hammer and Anvil were hired as field operatives by the Deterrence Research Corporation. They encountered and battled Spider-Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy.[3] They also encountered the Freaks.[4] Hammer and Anvil kidnapped Amanda Sheridan for the DRC, and fought Spider-Woman.[5]

Lured into the Nevada desert to fight the Hulk, Hammer was shot through the head with an explosive bullet by the Scourge of the Underworld, disguised as a Native American shaman. Linked by the Synthecon to his dead ally, Anvil died soon afterward.[6]



The energy synthecon gave him enhanced strength and durability.


Basic street fighting techniques


The energy synthecon which linked Anvil to his partner Hammer also linked their life forces; thus, if one died, so did the other.



An energy synthecon, the product of the highly advanced technology of the alien race Gix, which increases the strength and durability of the wearers by absorbing kinetic energy and converting it for use in the wearer's metabolism.

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