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John Blaze and his girlfriend Roxanne Simpson decided to go on a cross-country trip across the United States. One day they came across a bar where they befriended a biker gang, who kept buying them beer. The friendship was a ruse as they killed an intoxicated Blaze as part of a satanic ritual. During the ritual they bartered their souls with Mephisto in exchange for wealth and power. Mephisto granted their request, but kept the upper hand. The deceased Blaze also made a deal, Mephisto will get his soul in exchange for the assured safety of Roxanne. For twenty years, Blaze was trained to become the Ghost Rider and was sent into the world to get his revenge. He tracked down and killed the members of the motorcycle gang - now rich and in positions of power - individually. Due to these deaths, the leader of the bikers, Robert Blackthorne now Vice-President of the United States, made an executive order to kill the Ghost Rider to protect his own life. Nick Fury's Avengers were called and failed in stopping the Ghost Rider from killing his next target, but not before learning of the Spirit of Vengeance's history and his reasons for killing the people who wronged him and Roxanne.

Blaze arrived in Washington and witnessed Blackthorne inadvertently becoming another version of the Spirit of Vengeance, who made a deal with the devil, seeking Blaze. Blaze transformed into the Ghost Rider and fought Blackthorne with ease. Blaze then took their battle inside a Christian church where both him and Blackthorne reverted back to their human forms. Though Blackthorne had briefly overpower Johnny, it was the Punisher who finally killed Blackthorne. After this, the Punisher allowed Blaze to escape from the authorities as learning from Blaze's intentions is no different from the Punisher's. Blaze later observed a still living Roxanne with a new life as he had fulfilled his contract with Mephisto. Though, the demon still possessed Blaze's soul and must continue sending souls to ensure the life of Roxanne, in which Blaze didn't mind as long as his former lover was happy.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Physical Strength

Nick Fury claimed the Ghost Rider was as strong as Thor, which would enable him to lift around 100 tons or more.[2]


Ghost Rider will revert back to Johnny Blaze if enters he someplace holy like a church.[3]



Ghost Rider's Chain: Currently a mystic chain.


Ghost Rider's Motorcycle: Motorcycle which can be transformed by hellfire.

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