Quote1 On the contrary, you can not defeat a mortal once rendered by a god named Byrne! Quote2
-- Superbman[2]

John Byrne,[1] or simply Byrne, was a god that worked as comic-book artist[2] and writer. At some point, he took over the series starring Superbman,[1] and made important changes on him: Superbman became weaker than before, and his clothes were no longer indestuctible—only his body and things inside his "double-talk aura" were protected. To make up for it, Byrne turned Superbman into a Casanova of a character.[3] Byrne also modified the past of the character, so that his decades-long continuity could simply vanish in a blink—which was Byrne's trademark.[1]

After a fight against the Fantastical Four[3] and another one against Sore of the Revengers with the Just-A-League supporting Superbman,[2] Superbman was seen in the "Byrne Ward" of the pub Bud's Sud, with other characters worried about their continuity for the same reason (Specifically Bulk, She-Bulk and the Fantastical Four, with Prince No-More talking about the same problem with Byrne in the bar).[1] Even then, Superbman insisted in mentioning his writer/artist during the fights: He described changes in detail in the fight against the Fantastical Four[3] and, when fighting Sore, he claimed that Sore could not defeat Superbman because, although Superbman was a mortal, he was touched by divine Byrne.[2] Even later, a Superbman mannekin in Obnoxio the Clown's wax museum animated artificially and fought a mock Sore; this Superbman figure threatened to "get Byrned up" during the combat.[4]


He was a very good comic-book writer[3] and artist.[2]


He tended to disregard pre-established continuity of the main character whose series he writes and draws.[1]

Earth-9047's John Byrne, ironically created by John Byrne, has been mentioned in several issues of What The--?! Vol 1, but has not appeared in any of them.

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