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Chief John Wilson was a high-ranking NYPD officer in 1940 when Namor the Sub-Mariner attacked New York City for the first time, killing Officer Foley and several other officers. He laid a trap for Namor with the help of policewoman Betty Dean. She was unable to arrest Namor, but managed to convince the Sub-Mariner to stop his vicious assault on the city.[1]

In 1953, Chief Wilson and some of his fellow officers answered a call to the headquarters of the Crime Syndicate and were shocked to see the Human Torch back in action after he had gone missing in 1949. After the Torch defeated the Syndicate's leader the so-called Crime Boss, Chief Wilson was informed of that the Crime Boss was responsible for the Torch's disappearance back in '49. After the Torch rescued his partner Toro from Communist agents in Korea, the Torch was informed that a Communist spy called the Butcher had kidnapped the Chief's daughter Mary in retaliation of the Torch's recent activities and had demanded the Torch's surrender in exchange for Mary's freedom. The Torch and Toro ended up rescuing Mary and slaying the Butcher, and the pair decided to resume their crime fighting career.[2]

Chief Wilson became their closest ally and he frequently assisted the flaming duo on their cases throughout the 1950s, acting as a liaison between the heroes and various levels of law enforcement and government agencies and providing the resources of his office to the crime fighting duo. He regularly asked the Torch and Toro to rescue his daughter from danger. Near the end of 1954, the Torch and Toro severed contact with Chief Wilson, and his subsequent activities are unknown.

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Chief Wilson was past his physical prime but possessed a keen sense of detection.



He typically carried a police sidearm.

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