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Appearing in "...And One Shall Die!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Princess Dejah Thoris
  • Mors Kajak
  • Grogg


  • Stara Kan



  • Obedience Collar
  • Stara Kan's mechanical arm
  • Radium pistols
  • Issus Stone

Synopsis for "...And One Shall Die!"

In a tavern, a melee fight erupts between the supporters of John Carter and his opponents, who blame him for selling Princess Kajak as a slave. The fight stops after Mors Kajak, the father of the Princess and Jed of Helium, makes his entrance. He is there recruiting men to go rescue his daughter, who is actually missing but no one knows who took her.

While these men get their training, John Carter remembers how he fight under to command of Stara Kan just waiting to find an opportunity to escape and rescue her wife, Princess Dejah Thoris. Using his improved strength and speed, thanks to the lesser Mars gravity, he enters the Issus' chamber to steal the Issus Stone on behalf of Kan. His plan was to hand the Stone to him and then fight him, but Kan is out. Desperate to find this wife, John Carter takes a flier ship and goes to the factory which operates the necessary mechanisms to create the Mars atmosphere. The factory is inside a volcano, and there John has to face a giant golden spider before entering the city and find Stara Kan's residence. The two men fight for the Princess, and during the battle Stara Kan uses the obedience collar that he placed around John Carter's neck, as well as his mechanical arm, to defeat him. But John Carter, the Eternal Warrior, never surrenders, crashes the Kan's mechanical arm, and in the followin struggle, Stara Kan accidentally kills himself with a radium pistol.

But the villain dies saying "I am the only one who knows where Princess Dejah Thoris is hidden..."

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