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John Clayton is the son of British nobleman Lord Clayton. Prior to his birth, the Claytons set sail from England to North Africa. Their ship was overrun by pirates and a mutiny erupted. Lord Clayton and his wife, Lady Alice, were taken prisoner and abandoned on the shores of the Congo.[citation needed]

By building a tree house far from the jungle animals, Lord Clayton did his best to eke out a life for his pregnant wife and himself. While living in the jungle, Lady Alice gave birth to their son, John Jr. Soon after, Alice contracted a rare jungle virus and became delusional. The virus proved fatal and she passed away.[citation needed]

Fighting Abdul Alhazred

A gorilla named Kerchak began to investigate the new invaders' tree-house. Kerchak killed Lord Clayton, but another gorilla named Kala, who had lost her own child, adopted the orphaned human infant.[citation needed]

Kala continued to raise baby John Clayton, who grew up to become more famously known under his jungle name - Tarzan.[citation needed]



Although John Clayton may not have what are strictly considered superhuman powers, he is as strong, fast, durable, and agile as a human being can be. He is also highly intelligent having taught himself how to read and write early on with no outside instruction.


Tarzan possesses all of the weaknesses of other adult human males, although he can resist these to a greater degree because he is physically and mentally at the pinnacle of human ability.



Tarzan typically carries around his father's knife as well as a makeshift lariat made from jungle grass.


His father's knife (originally given to him by the pirate Black Michael)


Brachiation through the trees, and vine-swinging.


  • Tarzan was created by Edgar Rice Burroughs in "Tarzan of the Apes".
    • Tarzan comics have been published by several publishing houses, including DC Comics, Dell Comics, Gold Key Comics, Marvel Comics and Dark Horse Comics.
    • This version of Tarzan is not to be confused with the character licensed by Dark Horse Comics who appeared in the DC/Dark Horse crossover projects, Batman/Tarzan: Claws of the Cat-Woman and Superman/Tarzan: Sons of the Jungle.
  • Though Tarzan was born in Africa, he is actually of British descent.

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