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John Collins was a resident of Westview, New Jersey. Following Wanda Maximoff's transformation of Westview into a sitcom reality, John Collins was placed under her mind control to assume the role of "Herb".[1]

As Herb, John was on the neighborhood watch group, which Wanda's husband Vision joined. However, the group did not truly meet to discuss security, but instead to gossip. Herb later attended the magic show at the town square.[2]

Later, the witch Agatha Harkness momentarily released him from Wanda's spell in order for him to act suspiciously around Vision, which then caused Vision to start questioning Westview's reality.[3]

Eventually, Harkness released all the citizens of Westview from Wanda's spell, which led to Wanda taking down her spell over Westview and departing before law enforcement arrived.[4]


  • David Payton portrayed John Collins / "Herb" on the Disney+ limited series WandaVision.

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