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Colonel Armbruster, an experienced Air Force officer, was brought in to help break free General Ross when he was captured by the Russians. He stayed on assignment, and became commander of Hulk Buster Base #1. Armbruster was successful in incarcerating the Hulk several times, but the man-monster always eventually escaped. The Colonel at times quarreled with General Ross on his tactics of capturing the Hulk. Armbruster considered it his "patriotic duty" to capture the Hulk, whereas Ross, at times, developed some sympathies for the man-monster. On one occasion, Armbruster shot a defenseless Bruce Banner with a tranquilizer gun.[1] Armbruster was later killed in the line of duty in a sinister Soviet plot. In doing so, he saved the life of President Gerald Ford[2].





  • Due to the passage of time, Armbruster's saving of Gerald Ford's life may have been retconned to another government or World leader.

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