John Daltry was the sheriff of Cypress County, Florida. Part of his jurisdiction includes the Citrusville swamps, home of the Man-Thing. During his tenure as Sheriff he has had many run-ins with the Man-Thing and has a rudimentary understanding of the creatures attraction to emotions. He had a wife named Nancy, who passed away who died after 15 years of marriage.[citation needed]

In modern times, Daltry would come into contact with various criminal and mystical forces thanks to the Man-Thing. His first such brush with the mystic would be when Dr. Strange came to Cypress County seeking clues in the disappearances in of various people in the area, this is an encounter which Strange erased from Daltry's mind.[citation needed]

Next he would come to the rescue of Barbie Bannister, who's family would be murdered by boat thieves, and spent the night fleeing in terror from them as well as the Man-Thing. When the leader, Ian McGuire, was beat senseless by Barbie, the two formed a relationship and she moved in with him.[citation needed]

Shortly after, Daltry was the subject of the destructive fraternity pranks of exclusive Georgia College Fraternity, led by rich boy J. Elliot Osbourne. Osbourne and his frat-mates trashed the Cypress Country Sheriff's office. Later the kids would get the drop on him and cuff him and force him to watch them try to destroy the Man-Thing. An attempt which would lead to the death of Osbourne.[citation needed]

Daltry and Barbie next come to the aid of an commercial airliner which crashed in the swamps after it was apparently attacked by a giant pirate ship in the sky. This was caused by Captain Fate and his crew aboard the Serpent Crown. Daltry would get into his possession the sword weilded by Fate, and would become a pawn of Thog when Fate was finally killed by the Man-Thing.[citation needed]

Daltry was then sent to do Thog's bidding, including killing Dr. Strange and other mystics. However Barbie, with the help of John Kowalski, the Kale family and writer Chris Claremont (who would briefly be granted the Man-Things powers) would free Daltry from Thog's control.[citation needed]

Later, when Captain Fate allied with Dracula and his vampire army, Daltry was still being used as Fate's host. As the vampires launched their assault on England, the members of MI13 made an assault on the New Serpent's Crown, freeing enslaved member Spitfire from Dracula's control and separating Fate from the Magus Sword and bringing Daltry back to England with them.[citation needed]


John Daltry was an expert Sheriff and lawman, he had many skill that related to his job, and environment. He was skilled in weilding fire-arms, specifically .44 magnums. He briefly possessed the Magus Sword, a magic sword that could kill with a single swipe. It was linked to Thog and the full extent of it's mystical powers remain unrevealed.

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