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John Dark was a proud member of the United States Army during the 1940s, rising to the rank of Major. However, eventually greed and ambition clouded his judgement. In 1946 he was caught embezzling money while impersonating a General and was dishonorably discharged from the military in disgrace. Furious over being caught, Dark plotted to get revenge. Returning to New York City, he began using his mechanical know-how to build an army of motorized drill tanks that he intended to use to attack the city. He completed his construction in 1951, however by that point his activities and angry behavior caused his niece Sally to become concerned about what he was secretly working on.

Sally enlisted the help of Olympian love goddess Venus to find out what her uncle was doing. Ready to strike, John invited Venus into his lab but locked her in a closet and unleashed his army of tanks on New York. Venus managed to escape her prison by teleporting to Olympus and then returned to Earth with Mars and Thor. Mars bombarded John Dark with memories of his prouder days in the military in an attempt to get him to stop his attack. When this failed, Thor destroyed the tanks with thunderbolts. When Thor targeted Dark's laboratory, Venus tried to convince the madman to flee, but Dark refused and was killed in the resulting explosion.[1]



John created an army of massive motorized tanks. Each was armed with a drill on the front, allowing them to bore into anything in their path. These tanks were highly durable and could collapse tall skyscrapers, and were highly resistant to munitions fire and bombs. It took the mystical thunderbolts of Thor to destroy the tanks.

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