Chili learns that a John Doughville, Jr. will be selecting one model from the agency to be the star of a TV and billboard ad campaign. That afternoon a man arrives and introduces himself as "John..." before Chili whisks him away for lunch at an expensive restaurant where they woe each other. John lets Chili pay the bill; she assumess he is an eccentric tycoon. She then agrees to meet him for supper at a club. Returning to the agency she bumps past a man in the reception whilst Millie is polite to him, assuming him to be an actor or model looking for work. That night at the French Quarter club Chili and John are dining when Howard, Millie and the man from the office walk in. As they pass the table Howad introduces the man - John Doughville, Jr who has just picked Millie for the campaign! Chili is in fact dining with Howard's cousin John Broak, known as "Broke Broak" because he's always short of cash and begging from relatives. Howard's party leaves and Chili is left fuming as John Broak continues eating at her expense.[1]

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