Dr. John Ehrmann was the head of Stark International medical services, and a respected employee of the company. He kept a professional eye personally on the CEO of the company, Anthony Stark, who had a history of heart health troubles.[1]

Ehrmann attended to the quite exclusive third annual Stark International employee appreciation party. There, Ehrmann listened telecommunication expert Michael Trudeau telling funny anecdotes of his trade. Then, Stark's secretary Mrs. Arbogast introduced Ehrmann to her sister Uranus Bliss. Trying to make use of the chance to speak with Arbogast, Ehrmann asked her to schedule a medical exam for Stark, as Ehrmann was worried about the continuing stress on the CEO's heart. Arbogast reprimanded him for making her work during a party and directed Ehrmann to another doctor among the guests, world-class surgeon Erica Sondheim.[1]

Later, all the attendees watched a broadcasting of the demonstration of Stark's new borer development using a closed-circuit TV. The device exploded unexpectedly due to sabotage. At the same time, the industrial spies, trying to get Stark's romantic interest Bethany Cabe, battered Cabe's friend and jobmate Ling McPherson, almost killing her.[1] Stark and his bodyguard Iron Man solved the situation, but nonetheless Stark insisted that McPherson should get a week off to recover in Stark's Caribbean villa Mi Casa, along with Cabe and Stark's pilot James Rhodes. Dr. Ehrmann was also invited to professionally watch McPherson's recovery, whcih led to Ehrmann being personally appreciated by these people and, at the same time, having a nice holiday instead of facing the usual pressure at his job. Ehrmann scheduled whirpool therapy during this vacation.[2]

Stark took Rhodes and Cabe on his yacht Throatwarbler Mangrove, but they were attacked by the villain Force, who kidnapped Cabe[2] battered Rhodes and damaged the yacht before going back to his boss Justin Hammer. Stark and Rhodes returned to Mi Casa in a police boat. As soon as Ehrmann saw Rhodes' delicate state, he went to help, and Stark ordered Ehrmann to perform a comprehensive exam on Rhodes. Fortunately, it was a mere concussion that Ehrmann treated easily.[3]

Stark meanwhile went back to rescue Cabe. When they came back, Cabe had a sprained ankle and Stark had damaged his ribcabe. Ehrmann bandaged Stark and put a plaster on Cabe's leg. The situation was again festive and, during a dinner, Ehrmann mentioned that his patients would now need a holiday to recover from their holiday, but the joke was not well-received.[3]


An excellent doctor of medicine.[3]


Although he enjoyed joking about his practice (e.g. saying that his duty is performing miracles in a facetious tone),[2][3] his quips are not always well-received.[3]


Ehrmann favors turtleneck sweaters under a purple blazer[1] or colorful shirts with bermuda shorts. He wears a golden chain on his neck.[2] He seems to wear his medical gear with him even on vacation.[3]

Ehrmann is a pipe-smoker.[3]

In Iron Man #137, Dr. Ehrmann reveals to Mrs. Arbogast that he is worried about Mr. Stark's health because Stark's "heart has been under quite a strain lately". Shouldn't this information be protected by the professional secret?

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