John Falsworth, better known as Baron Blood, is a vampire lord, and leader of a clan of vampires. Among the vampires in the world, he is known to be one of the most sadistic ones. He and his clan not only drain their victims of their blood, but also take particular pleasure in tormenting them first. He is one of the greatest enemies of the vampire hunter Blade, and has in the past also fought several times against Captain America.[1]

At some point prior to his first appearance (presumably during the events in first episode), he was trapped inside a DISK. He is released from his DISK by Okuma Jubei, who wants his help to steal a mystical gemstone called the Rainbow Teardrop from a museum owned by Tony Stark, and take out the Avengers + their partners.[2] Although Blood does as asked, even Okuma feels uncomfortable at how vile the vampire is.[2] Blood begins by targeting Jessica Shannon, Hikaru Akatsuki, Chris Taylor and Edward Grant. Although the kids’ biocodes prevent Blood from actually turning them into vampires, he does manage to take them under his control and make them believe they are vampires. Blood saves Akira Akatsuki for last, and first taunts him by showing his friends and brother have become vampires before attempting to make Akira a vampire as well. Fortunately for Akira, Blade interferes and drives Blood + the kids off by triggering the sprinkler systems, which he had previously filled with holy water.[2]

Blood and Okuma follow Akira, Iron Man and Blade to the Avengers’ base, and after first sending a group of regular vampires (which are all taken out by Iron Man and Blade), he sends the kids to attack the base. He even orders them to D-Smash their partners. Blood anticipates that Blade, being the vampire hater that he is, will attempt to slay the seemingly vampiric kids, and the Avengers will protect their partners at any cost. This way, they will most likely kill each other. However, Iron Man and Blade have by this point figured out what is truly going on, and come up with an alternative plan. They order the Avengers to use the synchronization between themselves and their partners to power up the kids’ biocodes, which expels Baron Bloods’ influence, and also gives away his location to Blade. Backed up by Nova, Blade engages Baron Blood in combat, defeats him, and D-secures him in a new DISK, ending the terror of the vampire.[1]


Seemingly those of John Falsworth (Earth-616)#Powers, except for the resistance to sunlight.


As a vampire, Baron Blood cannot stand the light of the sun and is weakend by holy objects like Holy Water.

  • This is the first animated adaption of the character.

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