In the Marvel Apes universe, the Baron was revealed to be the person who sired the Invaders as vampires and killed Baron Zemook. He then ambushed and took the form of Captain America, whom he froze in an iceberg. He continued to sire Namor, Bucky, Toro, and Red Raven as vampires, then they all teamed up to kill the Simian Torch, who because of his android nature could not be turned into a vampire. He became the leader of the Ape-vengers (which contained a lot of reformed supervillains). Secretly, he plotted to enter Earth-616 for sustenance. To accomplish this, he had already killed his world's version of Mr. Fantastic. During the final battle between the Ape-vengers and the Outcasts, Baron Blood wounded Speedball, which forced Gibbon and Fiona to take Speedball with them to Earth-616. Baron Blood was later finally killed by Ape X.[1]


Seemingly those of the John Falsworth of Earth-616.


Baron Blood is a good hand-to-hand combatant.

Strength level

Baron Blood is said to be the peak of gorilla physicality.


He uses a replica of Captain America's shield.

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