John Healy was a hitman hired by Wilson Fisk to kill Mr. Prohaszka; he did so in a way it could be declared he did it in self-defense.

Fisk's right hand James Wesley hired law firm Nelson and Murdock to defend Healy. After Healy was successfully proved not guilty on the grounds that there was no way to prove that he had killed Mr. Prohaszka in anything other than self-defense, he prepared to leave Hell's Kitchen. The vigilante alter-ego of Matt Murdock tracked him down and attacked him, being able to get the name of the person who hired him after a fight. Because he had told the name of his employer, and knowing that he was going to be tracked down and killed as well as those that mattered to him, Healy decided to kill himself and slammed his head into a sharp piece of metal.[1]

  • This character is loosely based on Tenpin (Alvin Healey), an assassin known for killing his targets with bowling-themed weaponry.

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