John Anthony Herod ran the Chicago Reserve, the secret stockpile of technology and information held jointly by the MegaCorps; his daughter, Nancy, married the Alchemax Corporation's Vice President Tyler Stone; he used his position as an unknown quantity to reserve Victor von Doom's coup of the United States. Herod faked the resurrection of Steve Rogers, Captain America of the Heroic Age, as his puppet voice to denounce Doom and authorize a retaliation strike against the White House. Doom and his Black Cabinet were forced out while Herod's fake Captain America became the new President.[1]

Infected by Phalanx techno-virus.

Doom eventually got revenge on Herod, destroying his "Red House" replacement for the White House and using nanobots to ensure Herod would be in constant pain for the rest of his life.[2]

Herod and Avian were later infected with the Phalanx techno-organic virus, and became test subjects themselves in the Fatherland under Doom.[3]

  • Herod appeared with dark skin in his guest appearance from X-Men 2099 #28.

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