"Faro" John Hobart was a gambler and con man harassing greenhorns on late 1860s and 1870 Dodge City. He hanged around with gunmen, thugs, bouncers and other shady people, and wished to open his own casino one day.
In 1871, Dodge City was raided by tiranossaurus rex due to a time anomaly caused by a chronovore. Alongside with the other inhabitants of Dodge City, Hobart ran away. He found his friends and organized a ragtag gang with himself as the leader.
He then noticed masked heroes Kid Colt, Rawhide Kid and Two-Gun Kid (Matt Hawk), who were defending "something" tooth and nail. As it was a hidden hut, Hobart understood it should be some valuables such as food. Really, they were protecting time-traveller Professor Albert Einstein, who was trying to solve the crisis.
Hobart and his gang tried to raid the hut, but met clear opposition by the heroes. After at least one unsuccesful raid, Hobart tried resorting to stealth and treason, murdering the heroes with his men as sharpshooters. However, at this point, the western heroes had met some other time-travelling heroes from the 20th century. Together, they were more than a match to Hobart and his gang.
Hobart's further activities are unknown. [citation needed]




Gambling, pickpocketting, and shooter with a derringer




An obvious rifle and a hold-out derringer in his right sleeve

  • Faro currently has a criminal record

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