Quote1 A right terrible tragedy it was.. Just after the place was built, the elder boy took ill all of a sudden an' died. Quote2
-- Mr. Kenneth src

John Howlett, Jr. was the first-born son to John, Sr. and Elizabeth Howlett. He was apparently born a mutant. Due to unknown circumstances, he had died at a young age. It was implied that John, Sr. was the one who killed John, Jr. when he attacked his mother and his father couldn't defend her. What is known is that he scarred his mother's back with his claws prior to his death.

John Howlett, Jr. (Earth-616) from Wolverine Road to Hell Vol 1 1

"John" in the Hell

When his younger brother James aka The Wolverine was sent to Hell, they shortly encountered before James fell into the darkness.[2] It is possible John is alive and what James saw was just a Demon showing him an illusion.


From the claw marks on his mother's back, it is suggested John II possessed Bone Claws similar to his brother Wolverine and nephew Daken. It can be implied that he does not have a healing factor, considering the fact that he is dead.


Retractable Bone Claws


No Healing Factor, therefore he is susceptible to injury and can be killed like a normal human being.



  • One could assume that if James Howlett is the biological son of Thomas Logan and Elizabeth Howlett, then John Howlett, Jr. would also have the same biological parents, given the similarities in their powers and their uncanny resemblance to Thomas Logan. If this is the case, one would also assume that Thomas and Elizabeth were having an affair for a long period of time, and John Howlett, Sr. was not the biological father of either boy.
  • Or it could be theorized that the X-Gene was passed on from Elizabeth, their mother, as opposed to from Thomas Logan, James' father.

John was around 12 years old when he died.

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