John Jacob "Gilly" Gilligan is believed to the the imaginary friend to Henry Enwhistle, an odd young man who worked the docks of an unspecified town during the 1940s. However, evidence suggests that Gilly is a real being, and he can only be seen and heard by Henry. Henry suggests that Gilly is always perched on his shoulder, but does not appear to be willing or able to effect anything in the physical world. Gilly had a great disliking for water and as such convinced Henry to stay away from jobs aboard ships, reducing the feeble minded young man to menial tasks along the shore.

One day Henry and Gilly spied lights burning in an abandoned house and stumbled upon Black Mike and his gang who were plotting to rob the Mendel Company pay roll ship. Spotting Henry, they captured him and dismissed his conversations with Gilly, whom they assumed was imaginary. They then used Henry as bait to capture the Sub-Mariner. Chaining the hero up, both he and Henry were put below deck of Black Mike's sailing ship. Over a roof hatch and being exposed to rain, Henry asked their guard to shut the hatch as Gilly, already agitated by being brought out into the water, was getting wet. The man instead splashed Henry with water from a bucket. Henry grabbed the bucket and threw the water on the Sub-Mariner reviving his strength.

Sub-Mariner and Henry then captured Black Mike and his men and turned them over to the authorities. The experience apparently changed Gilly's opinion on water and allowed Henry to take a job working on a ship, and even offering to help the Sub-Mariner fight crime in the future. However it does not appear that Namor ever took him up on the offer and his present fate is unknown.[1]


Gilly is cannot be seen or heard by anyone but Henry Enwhistle.


Gilly is either unwilling or unable to effect the world around him. He used to refuse to get near water, suggesting a phobia toward it. Gilly eventually overcame this dislike of water.

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