Quote1.png Jameson pays me a fair wage; If it was 1961, he pays me a fair wage. Quote2.png
-- Peter Parker src


J. Jonah Jameson was the publisher and editor of The Daily Bugle. On October 30, 2013 he published an anti-Spider-Man editorial.[1] On December 30 of the same year, Melissa Hutchins wrote an article decrying Jameson's "scare tactics". [2] At some point, he began paying Peter Parker for his photos of Spider-Man. When sending him a photo of Spider-Man web-slinging, Peter also requested that Jameson go easy on Spider-Man. Mere seconds later, Jameson replied with the subject "WRONG!!!". Harry Osborn later found this same photo in its publication, and requested Peter to help him find Spider-Man.[3]

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